Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Machine" voted into DCI Classic Countdown

"Machine" voted into DCI Classic Countdown

A long, cold winter for drum corps fans will soon come to a close.

Beginning Friday, tickets go on sale for DCI’s "Classic Countdown."

Hard to believe these ducats go for a show that’s still a month away - but they go fast. On April 24, more than 300 theaters across the country will show some of fans’ favorite field performances from the past three summers.

The six performances were voted on by thousands of visitors to this winter. The favorite six from 2005 - 2007?

2007 Blue Devils – "Winged Victory"

2007 Bluecoats – "Criminal"

2005 Cadets – "The Zone"

2007 Carolina Crown – "Triple Crown"

2006 Phantom Regiment – "Faust"


2006 Cavaliers -- "Machine"

All great shows, and part of a format this year that will bring us recent performances (though I do love seeing those truly vintage shows -- 1989 Vanguard, anyone? 1992 Cavies? How about 1967?!!!).

So... what do you think of the selections? What do you remember most about those shows?

I love the music of Machine -- but then I always get a charge out of the Cavaliers’ music. And I dug the robotic movements, and The Slingshot, and all those blitzkrieg marching maneuvers that the Green Machine performs so well.

What got your socks going up and down?

And when it comes to the Classic Countdown theater showings -- I know, I know: nothing beats seeing it live in the stadium -- what do you dig about the format? How does the theater experience add to your viewing of DCI’s greatest shows?

Head to the Green Machine blog at and fire away with your comments -- or weigh in here. And let the countdown to summer 2008 commence!

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Hi Colt

Great blog, and a great book. I might be the managing director of Savas Beatie, but I also know a great book when I read one--or I would not have published your story of Don Warren's amazing his life and times with the World Champion Cavaliers.

Looking forward to seeing you in August at the "Old Man's" birthday and the anniversary of the Cavs.

Best Regards,

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